Study in SUAN

Welcome to study in Jiangsu College of Safety Technology!

1. Library

You can borrow books with your student card.

2. Canteen

 You can eat in the canteen with your student card. Student cards can be recharged online or at the card office. Meal time: 7:00-8:00 (breakfast), 11:30-13:00 (lunch), 17:30-18:30 (dinner)

3. College Clinic

The medical expenses in college clinic are the same as those of Chinese students. You can go to the college clinic with your student card, or you can seek medical treatment according to the coverage of the insurance contract.


There is China Construction Bank and an ATM machine on campus.

5. Phone Card

You can apply for a phone card on campus and use the Internet for free.

6. Shopping

There is a supermarket on campus.

7. Delivery

The school has a delivery point for you to handle domestic and international express affairs.

Your mailing address and information can be written:

1 Daxue Road, Jiawang District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Jiangsu College of Safety Technology

Your Name

Zip code: 221011

8. Bus Routes

Bus No.26:

Jiangsu College of Safety Technology Jiawang Campus Gate → Xuzhou East High-speed Railway Station

Jiangsu College of Safety Technology Jiawang Campus Gate → Xuzhou Railway Station

Jiangsu College of Safety Technology Jiawang Campus Gate → People's Hospital of Jiawang District

9. Safety Issues

Please take good care of your passport, certificate and cash to prevent theft. Please deposit the excess cash in the bank. Please do not deposit valuables in public places such as classrooms and libraries at will. You must go to the bank to exchange money, do not exchange with individuals in private stores.

Please strictly observe the traffic laws. If you want to drive a car or motorcycle class electric vehicle, you must hold a driving license issued by the traffic administration department and a legal vehicle license plate. Travel by car or bike to pay attention to safety, do not ride with people.

In case of emergency, please call the police and inform the International students Administration Office in time.

The alarm number is 110